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Sustainable. Non-Toxic. High-Performance. Safe. Effective.

We're on a mission to ban phthalates and parabens from home fragrance products.

We make candles & laundry care safer for you, your family, and pets. 🫶

Luxury means no compromises

That's why each candle is hand poured by our team and shipped directly from our studio.

About the founder

Hi! I'm Kristina Braly, a board-certified Anesthesiologist (consider me an airway and lung expert) and I set myself on a path to create clean, non-toxic candles that would not cause headaches (fellow migraine sufferer here!) or trigger asthma. 

Our luxury candles and wax melts are crafted using only the finest ingredients, with zero phthalates, parabens, carcinogens or mutagens. 

ÆMBR embraces the philosophy of "Persistence of Memory" which involves using scent to trigger feelings, nostalgia, and unlock core memories that bring a sense of wellbeing and warmth to the soul. 

The ÆMBR logo incorporates the Æ letter in the Norwegian alphabet, celebrating my Norwegian heritage.


Coconut apricot wax

The highest-quality candle wax on the market. Clean-burning, long-lasting (up to 40% longer than traditional paraffin candles), ultra-luxurious, with tops that remain smooth for the life of the candle. No cratering or jagged/bumpy surfaces.

Clean fragrance





(why do fragrances even have these, anyway? oh yeah: to increase profits at the expense of their customer's health. no-thank-you.)

Cotton wick

Braided, lead-free, zinc-free cotton & paper blend wicks.

FSC-certified ultra-sustainable wooden wicks with a cheery crackle.

Sustainable packaging

Clean minimal aesthetic ensures you're more likely to repurpose - one of the signature hallmarks of recycling and sustainability. our glass is fully recyclable if you so choose. We ship plastic-free and any plastic used to house products that require it (for example, our wax melts) is PET and 100% curbside recyclable.

we even got profiled by a film crew for our incredible start

Did you know?

We got our start in a doctor's kitchen.

How exactly are we eco-conscious?

We select only the most sustainable options wherever possible, including 100% recyclable glass and PET. We also create in small batches to maintain the highest quality and to avoid unnecessary waste. 

We're always coming up with new ways to reduce our carbon footprint, including offering local pickup options, recycling our cardboard materials and using only starch packing peanuts!

1 candle = 1 tree

The development of every product at AEMBR takes into account our potential carbon footprint, carbon offsetting we can provide, and overall environmental impact.

Our Location

AEMBR Studio

9144 Spring Branch Dr Suite 103
Houston, Texas 77080
United States
Monday to Friday: 9a -4p