Houston Storm Update - AEMBR

Houston Storm Update

Posted by Kristina Braly on

This is Kristina, the founder of AEMBR. We wanted to update you on the local Houston storm that caused catastrophic damage and loss of life last night. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of our local customers and friends in the area who have been affected by this disaster. If you're not aware, the Houston area suddenly experienced a severe thunderstorm with tornados and 80mph winds that seemed to come out of nowhere! My family and I sheltered in the bathroom at one point. 

We're all currently still without power, internet service, or wifi - I'm typing this from a hotspot in my car that only works intermittently. 

I'm sharing this because it disheartens me to say we won't be able to ship any orders out today. I'm not having any of my staff come in today, and as schools are closed I think it best that we remain closed for today. We will play the weekend by ear to see if power and internet service returns so we can resume normal operations.

That being said, we appreciate your support now more than ever.

Please continue shopping our site, check out our new arrivals, and...

All weekend long I'm offering FREE SHIPPING site-wide - just use code HOUSTONSTRONG at checkout.

We'll be throwing in free goodies on any orders placed from now until Sunday at midnight, so please show your support and tell your friends. Once we get more information about donations to support disaster relief, AEMBR will be contributing a sizable donation from all the proceeds garnered this weekend.


With sincerest appreciation,

Kristina Braly

Founder, AEMBR


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  • I was so sorry to hear the devastating weather news from your area Kristina. The storms this past month have been horrendous in so many areas including Indiana where I live.
    I will keep you and your family as well as all affected by this terrible storm in my prayers.
    Much love,
    Kathy Scott

    Kathy Scott on

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