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A Fresh Look, A Greener Future: Embracing Change with AEMBR’s Updated Candle Design 🌿🕯️

A Fresh Look, A Greener Future: Embracing Change with AEMBR’s Updated Candle Design 🌿🕯️

Big news, AEMBR family! We're all about evolving and doing better – for you and our planet. 🌎 That's why we're super excited to share some changes we're making to our beloved permanent collections (yes, the Core and Kitchen collections you adore!). Get ready for a sleeker, eco-friendlier candle experience! 🚀

New Design, Who's This? 🎨 First things first, let's talk about our chic new look. We're giving our jars a taller, more robust makeover and introducing something truly unique: frosted matte amber jars! They're not just gorgeous; they're a statement. But wait, there's more – we’re saying goodbye to front labels. 🙌

Why No Labels? 🤔 Simplicity is key. We believe in letting the quality of our products speak for itself. Plus, removing front labels means less paper use, aligning with our mission to be kinder to the environment. Want to know what scent you’re enjoying or need to reorder? Just peek at the bottom of the jar – all the info you need, including a handy QR code, is right there. Easy peasy and super sleek!

Repurpose, Recycle, Rejoice! ♻️ We’re not just stopping at design changes. Our new jar style is perfect for repurposing. Once your candle has lived its life, give the jar a new purpose in your home. But if you’re not into DIY, no worries – we’ve got you covered with our upcoming recycling program!

Send It Back, Get Rewarded! 🎁 Yep, you heard that right! We’re working on an amazing recycling program. Soon, you’ll be able to send back your clean, empty AEMBR jars and get rewarded for it. Whether it's cash back, points, or even a free candle, we want to thank you for joining us in our sustainability journey. Keep an eye out for the launch of this program!

A Step Towards a Greener Tomorrow 🌱 These changes are more than just a new look. They're about making choices that benefit our environment and support sustainable practices. By reducing paper use and encouraging recycling, we’re taking small steps towards a big impact.

Join Us on This Journey 🤝 We’re thrilled about these changes and hope you are too. This is just the beginning of our commitment to sustainability and innovation. So, here’s to a greener future, one candle at a time!

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