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How Long Do Candles Last? How Should I Store My Candles?

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When you invest in a luxury candle like those from AEMBR, you're not just buying a product; you're inviting an experience into your home. Our candles are designed to fill your space with evocative fragrances that turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. But, like all good things, candles have a lifespan. At AEMBR, we believe in transparency and education, so let's talk about the shelf life of candles and how you can make the most of your purchase.

The Shelf Life of AEMBR Candles

Our candles are crafted to be as pure as possible, which means we forgo the additives and preservatives that are often found in other products. Because of this, AEMBR candles are best used within one year from purchase. This isn't to say that a candle won't burn past the year, but for the premium experience you expect from AEMBR, we recommend enjoying them before their first birthday.

Why Does Shelf Life Matter?

Over time, even the finest of candles can undergo changes. The scent may begin to fade, and the wax's texture might alter, affecting how the candle burns. By using your AEMBR candles within their optimal life span, you ensure that every light is as perfect as the first.

Storage Tips for Optimal Preservation

  1. Keep it Cool: Store your candles in a cool place. Heat can cause the wax to soften, which may affect the structure of your candle.

  2. Stay Dry: A dry environment is key. Moisture can be a detriment to the wick and potentially affect the candle's burn.

  3. Embrace the Dark: Light, especially direct sunlight, can lead to fading or discoloration. Keep your candles in a dark place when not in use.

  4. Cover Tightly: Keep the unused candle in the box it comes in to preserve its scent and avoid accumulating dust particles, which can affect the burn.

  5. Avoid the Fridge: While it might be tempting to store candles in the refrigerator to keep them cool, this can introduce unwanted moisture. Room temperature is best.

Enjoying Your Candle to the Fullest

When you're ready to enjoy your candle, make sure the first burn is the right burn. This means allowing the entire surface to melt and pool to the edges, which can prevent tunneling and ensure an even burn in the future. Trim the wick to about 1/4 inch before each use to maintain a clean burn and prolong the life of your candle.

AEMBR's Promise

We're committed to providing you with a luxury product that stands the test of time within its intended lifespan. By following these storage tips, you'll ensure your AEMBR candles perform beautifully, filling your home with their intended scent and ambiance.

Remember, our candles are not just a part of your décor; they're a part of your life's narrative. With proper care, they'll burn brightly and beautifully, right when you need them most.


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