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Caring for Wooden Wicks - ÆMBR

Caring for Wooden Wicks


When it comes to wooden wicks, they're so much fun. They're like a mini fireplace in a candle! Some have a pleasant crackle as they burn, which only adds to the coziness. However, it's important to note that caring for a wooden wick is slightly different than caring for a traditional wick. Here are some best practices to ensure you have a smooth and even burn!

  1. Trim before each burn. Remove any charred bits, then ensure that the wick is no larger than ¼ inch high. In some cases, you may need to trim as low as 1/8 inch depending on your flame's height. 
  2. Smoking/soot? Trim it down. You may notice black soot occasionally: this is normal, and happens with all candles. However, excessive soot can be disconcerting and is easily prevented by trimming your wick down.
  3. Flame too small? It's likely been trimmed too low. 
  4. For best enjoyment, enjoy the burn free of drafts and windows, and in an appropriately sized room for the candle. Votives will only scent a small space like a bathroom for an hour or two. 2-4 oz candles will scent the same sized space for longer. 6-8 oz candles will fill a normal sized bedroom. Large (12+ oz) candles will fill a large area like a living room or kitchen.
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