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Sneak Peek at LOVE SPELL - ÆMBR

Sneak Peek at LOVE SPELL

AEMBR's LOVE SPELL 12 OZ Luxury Valentine's Candle Perfect for Gifts


Excited to announce the name and fragrance of AEMBR's Limited-Edition Valentine's/Galentine's Day candle for 2023. We really had fun with this one! A delicate, slightly perfume-y fragrance that won't overwhelm your own signature scent, LOVE SPELL contains juicy peach, whisper-soft cherry blossom petal, a hint of lavender, and an undertone of sexy musk. REAL Rose Quartz crystals (😱) are embedded inside to bring bountiful love and improve relationships (whether romantic or friendship) in the life of the one who burns LOVE SPELL. A pair of adorable scented wax conversation hearts add to the whimsy.

$60 - coming soon

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